Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disappearing stuff

The last weeks in LA were an exercise in paring down to the bare minimum while surrounded by chaos. Cars, cats, furniture began disappearing. The usual places for your keys, underwear, toothpaste were all gone. We were down to 4 plates/bowls/forks and spoons. That made doing the dishes easier though!

We tried to give the washer and dryer away on Freecycle but people kept flaking out. We unhooked the dryer and then it sat in the driveway for a week. So we used it as a clothes line - practicing that hillbilly esthetic.

We donated the Camry to KPFK in thanks for providing us with 20 years of non-corporate news and music.

Flame and Chompsky blazed the trail to Asheville for us, leaving by air on 12/23. Gina took good care of them until we got here.

We sold or gave away about 75% of our furniture. Just kept the bookcases for the 60+ boxes of books.

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