Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pictures of the big party

Hooray, we've got all the computer parts talking to each other again. Now I can access my email addresses and down/up load pictures again. We took 400 pictures over the last month! Holy cow. I won't get through picking the best shots for the blog today, but here's a bunch of the fabulous going away/birthday/solstice extravaganza on 12/21:

Paul and Adele Holland entertained us so beautifully. The girls loved being on stage too.

Michael brought his drum and Matty and Jim danced up a storm.

Gerry and Mara (xxoo)

Radhika and Lincoln
Terry put some of his light show images on the big screen to make it extra festive.

Birthday kids Radhika and Paul blow out their candles together.

Cheryl, Eric and Cory - permaculture buds

Dean and Lyena - can you tell they are still newlyweds?

Lisa and Rocky Kids goofing around on the couch behind Holland's fish nets.

Jill, Jen and Polly - the artist/homeschooler contingent

"Wow, can you believe all these people love us so much?"

Radhika and Liz

It was pretty random who got photographed and who didn't. I'm sorry we missed getting pictures of most of the wonderful people that came. Thanks everyone for the food, the nice messages in the guest book, the scrapbook pages for Connor, the hugs. We were kind of stunned by the outpouring of love.

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