Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sad plus Inspection

I'm feeling sad about so much today. My good friend Sheri was just diagnosed with liver cancer. It's one of the bad ones, very hard to recover from. She is so young and healthy and vibrant. Also Paul's dad is in the hospital fighting a staph infection. He is another very strong person, full of vitality. This mortal coil seems extra fragile this winter.

Lots of people are calling and emailing me, trying to set up one more playdate or get together with us. The calendar is getting full quickly. Meanwhile I have so many things I need to research and get ready. It's OVERWHELMING!

We had the house inspection yesterday. The inspector was amazingly thorough. After a couple of hours he pronounced the house in good basic shape, except for the old plumbing. We knew that would be the only issue.

We hung out with the Burns' family (the ones buying the house) and their realtor Pat for a couple of hours at the house while the inspector worked. Kind of weird but not unpleasant. We like the family very much. If there wasn't so much riding on the moment it would have been really fun hanging out with them. Connor played so nicely with their little 18 month old son Indio.

Soon we'll see how they want to respond.

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Ursula said...

whats happening? anxiously awaiting your next blog post!