Saturday, November 24, 2007


I decided to start this blog to stay connected to friends and family through this very big change we're making. Also to procrastinate a little more and avoid starting to pack!

People want to know why we are leaving our home city of 20+ years to start over in a little town in the (gulp) south. Isn't it over run with rednecks and Bush lovers there?

Well, there are rednecks there. Plenty of them here too though, along with gang bangers, 24/7 traffic jams and smog.

We are ready to live in a smaller, greener, cleaner, quieter place. We are hoping that the low cost of living and the (relatively) cheap real estate will enable us to have more time and energy for the things we love - art, family, nature. We also hope to create a more sustainable life there, leaving a smaller footprint on the earth.

Asheville is not a podunk place. There is a thriving arts community and loads of eco-hipsters like us, including my darling brother and his family (who are the coolest people I know). The politics are progressive - they defeated a new coal burning plant last year.

Of course "Wicked" and "King Lear" with Ian McKellan is not playing in their local theater. There are far fewer museums and galleries. I will miss that. Instead there are trees and rivers and people that don't lock their doors. It's a trade off and after much soul searching, we're making the trade.


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