Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sister Kate

There are many people I'm going to miss terribly when we leave and one of them is my sister Kate. She came over yesterday to help me pack. She always makes the extra effort to stay connected and be supportive. Soon she'll be the only Murphy sib left on the west coast :-(
She came here just before New Year's eve, 12 years ago, when I lived in Silverlake. Can't believe it was that long ago. She was just a pup out of college. She lived in what would later become Connor's room, but he was only a gleam in my eye at that point. She worked for me at Artemis Designs for a while and always maintained her calm and sense of humor despite my frequent stressing out about slow drying paint and obnoxious customers.
She is very sad about us leaving too, but she said that she and her new husband Dan were considering a move to New York. That would be awesome!
BTW - Kate and I packed 24 boxes of books from the living room and then ran out of boxes. There are another 6 boxes worth left on the shelves, not counting Connor's room and the upstairs book shelves. Damn, we have a lot of books. I bought 100 more "bankers' box" type boxes yesterday. They should arrive on Wednesday.


Ursula said...

all murphies should live on the right coast yo.

looking forward to being somewhat closer to you guys jen. good luck with the move. i will come down to asheville next year for sure.

Kate said...