Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 months later

Hello out there! Sorry to be so uncommunicative. Been a little bit busy settling in and the longer I waited the more stuff I wanted to tell you.... and the more overwhelming it seemed to sum it all up. But tonight it seems doable, so here goes.

After weeks of stress we finally left Los Angeles on December 27th. I think I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown by then (no joke). Debbie brought over armloads of In & Out burgers for lunch. Friends and family gathered to send us off. I had only 2 brain cells firing and was still trying to sort things and pack the car. I had the emotional capacity of a toaster by then.

Kate gave a heartfelt toast that made me teary. Hugs and lump-in-throat little jokes ruled the day. Thank goodness Dan helped me pack the car (10 pounds of the proverbial stuff in a 5 pound bag, plus 2 five-gallon buckets of latex), but all that left little room for 3 weary bodies. We drove off about 3:00 pm. Good bye Fayette street, Highland Park, Los Angeles, old life.....whew
First stop - Vegas!

Hmm. Who's idea was this? It seemed to make sense a month ago. 100% fake everything designed for wholesale numbing of the spirit and extraction of cash.

It was cool for about 2 hours and then my frayed nerves screamed - Get me out of here! It took Paul and Connor about 14 more hours to come to the same conclusion. But at least we were ON THE ROAD at last.

Connor had a great little nest in the back seat (note 10 flavors of m&ms from the m&m museum).

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