Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grand Canyon peace

Okay, I'm on a roll here. Next stop was the Grand Canyon. Day 2. It started to get pretty cold as we headed up into the high desert. When we turned onto 64 north there was snow on the ground and it was dark. Really dark. With a million stars. And quiet.

We stayed at the Yavapai Lodge, which I would heartily recommend. It's right in the Park and is one of the lower priced places, though not cheap. Next morning I woke up to this beautiful view out the window:

The quiet peace of this pine forest helped me, for the 1st time in months, feel human. I had forgotten what that felt like! I was too used to being a stress machine. I said a prayer of gratitude that we were really following our dream at last.

Later we took the shuttle to the rim. What a place. Puts it all in perspective.

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